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To access the Cohorts of World Value Survey, choose Display from the Main Menu followed by the Specialized Display sub-option and the World Value Survey sub-sub-option. The World Value Survey is also found as an option on the Main Menu Map.

The World Value Survey allows users to display and view forecasts of different values based on a global project begun at the University of Michigan. To learn more about the World Value Survey, click on About WVS on the Main Menu.

The World Value Survey allows you to toggle across three different dimensions of values in society: Materialism/Postmaterialism (MATPOSTR), Survival/Self-Expression (SURSE) or Traditionalism/Secular-Rationalism (TRADSRAT). Use the scroll-down menu to select which dimension of values you would like to display. You can then choose to display the World Value Survey results as a product of different Run-Result-Files found to the right of the variable scroll-down list.

You can advance the value you have chosen through time by clicking on the advance. In order to move backwards through time, click on Regress. In order to change between countries/regions and groupings, simply click on country/region or grouping. Other options allow you to Save and Print your graph.

The image below represents Traditionalism/Secularism-Rationalism for OECD countries (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Traditionalism/Secularism-Rationalism for OECD countries