Consolidating data

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If the vetted data comes in one single .mdb containing all the data tables and a datadict table with the import/update list, the new "Compare Imported Data" screen can be used to merge data to the master IFs database.

The large button on the bottom right of that screen, titled "Merge Imported Data to Master Database" can be used for this. This button adds (or overwrites) imported tables to IFs\Data\IFsHistSeries.Mdb and merges datadict rows to the master copy of datadict (IFs\Data\Datadict.mdb). This button should only be used by the person who is in charge of merging the data to IFs database.

At the time of packaging another quick check is done to make sure data is good. If needed table names are changed.

Most Recent and Earliest columns need to be populated for manual imports done using template spreadsheet.