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This GDP series is a history and forecast series. The historical values are derived from the original GDP2011 series in IFs. All values 2010 and beyond, are calculated using WEO’s GDP growth rate data. The April 2016 version of this data was used for this iteration of this series. The calculated values go from 2010-2021.

To calculate the GDP for a Country/Year: GDPt-1 + (GDPt-1 * (GDP Growth Rate/100)) 

For the countries that were lacking growth rate data, I simply left their GDP data as it is in the original GDP2011 data. These countries will not have data up to 2021 because of this.

Countries without GDP growth rate data in WEO:

  • Cuba
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  •  Palestine
  • Syria (post 2010)

The growth rate data was found here:

In the WEO data the Subject Descriptor is Gross domestic product, constant prices and the Units are Percent change