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Version 8.27 (July 16th, 2024)


You can download IFs Version 8.27 at IFs 8.27.

Interface Updates

  • Fix for Cross-Sectional, using formulas and then going to Statistics was producing an error.
  • Show computed functions was working only to show 3 or less functions at a time, fixed it so that we can show up to 10.
  • Fix for Filtering in Flex Displays from Core to No-Filter.
  • Fix in Scenario Tree when using Customizations for parameters with more than 1 dimension.
  • Fix Flex Display Explanations for variables like DEATHCAT
  • Fixes to Pyramids when using Compare and Groups.
  • Changed historical analog for VADD(ICT) to match initialization, now using: SeriesVaddICT%GDP
  • Added extra decimals to Graph with variables below 1, and for Table with variables below 10.

Model Updates

  • Update to Split Government Consumption and Investment into Sectors of Origin, Tie Manu/Serv shares of CGCon and CINVEST to Availability.
  • Fix for Multipliers on Education Quality, if Male or Female multiplier applied, Total not being updated.
  • Changes to fix transient in VADD(India, Manufactues) and avoid oscilations
  • Reloading CLPC_Meat from older years when base year is not available
  • Fix for AGP Exogenous forecast

Data Updates

  • Changed WEPBYEAR default value from 40 to 80 in ifs.db, GlobalParameters (World Energy Price).
  • 76 Tables inserted & updated
  • 1. 45 tables updated, total deaths by cause and gender from IHME-GBD-2019, used in Historical Analog, all with IHMEDths as prefix.
  • 2. 30 new tables, from IMAGE model version2, all with TPV2 as suffix.
  • 3. 1 table updated, consolidated UCDP table now correclty reflects most of civil conflicts.